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Camino Mascot

Those who have walked the Camino will probably have seen one or more of the Camino mascots along the Way but do you know their names?

Peleghrin or Peleghrin (I'm not certain which spelling is correct) was made a mascot for the Camino in Galicia for the Holy Year in 1993 and was replaced for the Holy Year in 2010

Image taken from but also found on and several other sites that don't link back anywhere so I'm not sure where it originated.

His replacement was Xubi who was designed by 'the Galician designer Alberte Permuy and study reflects the integration of a cane and a pumpkin in blues and greens' ( The idea of the walking stick and the gourd make sense to me but the blue and and sky maybe?

Xubi originally had his own shop in Santiago but that is long gone and i can't remember seing any images of him any where since 2011 on the Camino.

Personally I prefer this guy Pingrino who I think was also created for 2010 by photographer Javier Iglesias and Augustine Compostela Camino who say they were inspired by the gait of the penguin saying that they walk a lot like pilgrims!

However I don't think that the Camino needs a mascot, it seems to be a commercialization of the route. What do you think - please add a comment below.

I have to admit though, I do have a Pingrino pin badge on my backpack!


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